Monday, June 29, 2009

Car Book

Great Car Book idea from 30 days:

Here's solution number 1:
custom car books
I have 2 out of 3 almost done with less than a week to go
(which is WAY good for this procrastinator)
I gathered pictures on my computer and
using PSE7, I created this fun, interactive book.

For my 3 year old I did some tracing, matching and coloring.
For my 7 year old I did cursive tracing, favorites and car games.
Only my 9 year old to go- he's the tricky one. ;)
Laminated them up.
Next I will bind them at Kinko's.
I'm bringing along dry erase markers from them to trace
and color on their books (and erase and repeat, I hope).
{Click on pictures to enlarge} the 3 year old's the 7 year old's

I also plan to make cool car bags to organize all their junk stuff for the trip.
Think crayon roll/journal keeper/tote bag.
Of course I will post about it when they are done. To join in on the Brassy Apple's fun series go here.
And check out other creative car ideas here.
Thanks for hosting this Meg!

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