Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harry Potter Party

This is an amazing Harry Potter party idea post from Design Dazzle:

harry potter party ideasharry potter birthday party ideasIn celebration of the new movie release Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I've included some fun ideas for a Harry Potter party. Wouldn't his flying blue car be a hit at a Harry Potter party? Fun, fun photo op!! Some very good art skills would be required to paint the moon and car - photo from here.

hogwarts express party ideasHogwarts Express from here.

harry potter birthday party
"Minerva McGonagall" from Seattle put on this fabulous party for her daughters 8th birthday. These photos are from the Potions Class.

Hogwarts Express Platform 9 3/4 sign
Not interested in making your own sign?
Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Wooden Sign

This is my favorite idea of Minerva's. The platform 9 3/4 brick wall made out of an old curtain. Check out her blog for fabulous Harry Potter birthday party ideas.

Awesome and amazing Ace of Cakes Hogwarts Castle Cake - image from here.

Harry Potter Cupcake Tower - image from flickr.

Download paper Harry Potter glasses. Via

Fold-up paper models would be an inexpensive way to make a castle. This would be a time consuming but cheap way to make a paper castle - not quite Hogwarts.

butterbeer labelIt's a free down loadable label for drinks at your very own Harry Potter Party. My family loves root beer, but cream soda is a close second! Since wizards love "ButterBeer" (cream soda), I made these drink labels for fun. Budget wise the 2 liter bottle makes sense for a large group. A fun activity for party guests would be to make their own butterbeer - add butterscotch syrup to cream soda!

free-download-butterbeer-labelThe label reads:

Cream Soda and Butterscotch Drops
Concocted for Centuries

I hope this post helps you get started with some fun ideas for planning a Harry Potter party of your own. Some of these ideas are over-the-top party ideas, but hopefully they inspire you to create your own Harry Potter party - whether it's a simple party or over-the-top celebration! Keep a look out next week for another party post with more Harry Potter party ideas - table decor, favors, etc...


  1. Since Butterbeer is not actually the same as cream(ing) soda, how does this recipe go served warm?
    (As Butterbeer is supposed to be.)

  2. Just insanely fabulous! My sister would LOVE a party like this (and she's 30 rofl!)

    Kim @

  3. -I- would love a party like this! And I'm 33! :D

  4. This is great! I'm planning on having a Harry Potter party this year before the new movie comes out. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Your link to download the small butterbeer bottle label contains a pretty nasty virus. You should remove it

  6. I have removed the links to the butterbeer bottle label. Apparently it had a nasty virus. I am so sorry. I should tell the girl at design dazzle that I got the info from so she knows too.