Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Binki Clip

I found a tutorial about how to make binki clips from this and that:

supplies:9 inch piece of ribbon (some people like it a bit longer. remember there will be a soother attached to it so that adds a little length)
a match or fire to melt the edge of ribbon
clip to attach to clothing with (i get mine from name tags that andy gets at work, hehe)
1 snap (4 parts)
a snap setter - i have a large one but you can pick up a little one for a couple bucks

1. seal both ends of the ribbon using a flame. do not let the flame touch the ribbon, just get it close enough to melt it as you move it back and forth.

2. thread one end of the ribbon through the whole in the clip, sew it approximately 3/4 inch from the clip. this is what the back will look like:

here is the front:

3. on the other end of the ribbon, secure one side of the snap with the snap setter. about 1 1/2 -2 inches away from the first snap secure the other side of the snap.

4. and you're done!!

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