Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hanging Wood Letters or Wreaths

Cute and practical way of hanging letters and a tutorial on how to make the letters from This and That:

within this tutorial i will show you how i hang my letters so i do not have to put any holes in the door! (i hang my wreaths on my door the same way the "S" pictured below is hanging)


paper - you can use anything from scrapbook paper to wrapping paper.
wooden letters (i got mine from the $1 store. you can get cuter thick ones at micheals for about $5 each)
glue - i used a UHU glue stick but if you want it to be really secure, use Tacky Glue.
exacto knife
mod podge
paint brush
file or sandpaper *not pictured*
heavy duty stapler *not pictured*
sticky tack *not pictured*

1. trace around the letter with the pencil, onto the paper that you would like. cut out the letter on the paper cutting so you can't see your tracing marks.
2. glue* paper letter on to front of wooden letter. (*note: may use Tacky Glue for a better stick.)
3. one the glue is dry, turn the letter upside down. if the paper is showing in any areas, simply cute it off with an exacto knife.
4. gently sand or file all the edges of your letter with a downward motion. if using sandpaper, find something for it to wrap around like shown in the picture below.

5. place letter onto a piece of wax paper and using a paint brush, mod podge it with a thin coat. make sure to get the sides of the letter as well as the top.
6. once the mod podge is dry, decide how you would like to hang your letter. (i hung mine in two different ways, i will show you how i hung the "H", for the "S", i just looped the ribbon around the top of the letter. see the very top or very bottom picture) If you are going to hang it with two ribbons, lay your letter on a secure work surface and lay out the ribbons how you would like them. staple them in place.
7. hold the letter in the correct place on top or the door with your hand. make sure the letter is straight and centered. Staple the ribbons in place with a few staples.
8. place sticky tack behind the letter so it doesn't move when the door is opened and closed.

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  1. Wow!! What a great idea. You made it look very easy. We enjoy seeing all the different ways one can decorate using wooden letters.

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