Saturday, March 14, 2009

Egg Box

This is something I saw on Capture the Moment. It is a darling baby gift idea. I love the little boxes and stuff they have there. They have additional ideas at the link above of what to do with this box.


021008_egg_boxThis little box may look simple, but it has several attributes that make it a joy to work with. It is made out of a very sturdy chipboard which is covered in a high quality matte white paper. The box is white even on the interior so it is easy to maintain true color when painting it. The matte white covering also gives you the ability to stamp directly on the surface with out any preparation work.

021008_egg_box_openThe box has a simple insert that has holes for six eggs. It is a sturdy insert that can handle quite a bit of weight. The insert is designed so that it is very easy to cover with designer paper as well. The box measures about 4x6 inches and 3.5 inches tall. The insert is removable for even more possibilities. The box will be priced at only $4each, and of course, available exclusively from Papertrey Ink.

021008_painted_boxEaster is obviously something that comes to mind first when thinking of what exactly to do with this box. But what about babies? To begin my project for today, I painted my box pink. I was very careful to paint the outside and the top rim only. The matte surface of the box takes the paint beautifully!

021008_lining_piecesI just adore lined boxes. They have such a boutique feel. I decided to line my egg box with custom stamped designer paper that I created with Beautiful Blooms. The easiest way I discovered was to cut pieces of paper for each individual side. I have included measurements below so it will take all the guess-work out when you line your own box...


  • 2) 6 x 3-1/4 inches (long sides)
  • 2) 4-3/16 x 3-1/4 inches (short sides)


  • 1) 6-1/4 x 4-3/8 inches (top)
  • 2) 6-1/4 x 1-15/16 inches (long sides)
  • 2) 4-3/8 x 1-15/16 inches (short sides)

021008_finished_box_lid_2To finish off the box, I added a strip of the same patterned paper I created for the lining, to the outside cover. I pierced holes along either side of the strip and followed up with a pink marker to achieve faux stitching. I also adhered the ribbon and label.

021008_side_of_boxI continued the patterned paper strip and ribbon down the sides of the box as well.


021008_label_closeupWith the concept of this box came the idea for our Just Hatched stamp set. This set contains images that make it easy to turn this box into the perfect gift. This is one of three label images in the Just Hatched stamp set. It reads "Half-Dozen Gifts Hatched Just For You, Little One". The labels from this set coordinate with the Nestabilties Oval Dies perfectly!

021008_rolled_sockI knew that I wanted to put an itty-bitty pair of baby socks into each egg. I rolled them up tightly and tucked a pair into each of six eggs.

021008_egg_ribbonTo give the plastic eggs a little pizazz, I decided to add ribbon. The ribbon needs to be about 10-inches long for each egg. Lay the ribbon out flat, apply a glue dot to the bottom point and top point of the egg. Adhere the bottom of the egg to the center of the ribbon strip.

021008_ribbon_tiedPull the ends of the ribbon up and around the egg and knot it into place on top of the egg. The two glue dots on either end will prevent the ribbon from sliding off!

Once I assembled everything together, the ensemble looked like this...


I am just in LOVE with this box. The way that the insert holds the eggs perfectly in place is such a STUNNING presentation! After showing the Just Hatched Egg Box & stamp set to our Design Team, they came up with a plethora of uses that aren't necessarily geared towards eggs, or Easter for that matter!

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