Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Magnetic ABC's

Very cute alternative to the plastic Fridge Letters from This and That:

5 sheets 5x8 inch self adhesive magnet sheets (found at the dollar store)
fabric (i used fat quarters)
exacto knife
mod podge
paint brush to brush mod podge

1. to get a template for the letters, open a Word document. type a-z in the font titled "arial black" make it bold, and size 225. set your margins to "narrow" so more letters can be on each page.

2. cut letters out using scissors

3. cut fabric to fit sheets of magnets. take paper off of the magnet and stick fabric to the sticky stuff. 4. place letter on top, while holding it with your hand, cut around each letter. for letters with holes in the middle, use an exacto knife to cut.

5.when you are completely finished step 4 with all the letters. lay letters out on wax paper. begin brushing a thin layer of mod podge on the letters one at a time making sure to go right to the edge. let air dry for 10-15 minutes. place on any magnetic surface and you are done!

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