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Custom Cards Collection

This is a cool idea for a gift to give someone. You give them multiple labels so they can pick the sentiment they want for that particular person. From Capture the moment.

While brainstorming some fun ways to showcase this awesome new set, I came up with the idea of Custom Card Collections. I am really excited about the concept and look forward to *passing it on* with the remainder of this post!

File Label closeup

The inspiration behind the Custom Card Creations came from Lauren's new printable template, File it With Flair (available March 15th). It is SO darn cute, all filled up with A2 cards, and I was trying to think of a way you could give it as a gift and offer the recipient some different sentiment options to suit their changing needs. This is where Mega Mixed Messages and our white mailing labels come into play!

Complete vs blank card

The basis of Custom Card Creations is to provide someone (or yourself!) with a stack of beautiful cards, all with a special blank spot for one of a variety of white mailing labels all stamped with various sentiments from Mega Mixed Messages. It's all about the presentation and quick & easy prep work when it comes to projects like this. I promise you, it couldn't be any easier than this, and the final look is like something from your favorite stationery boutique!

The presentation and storage of the label sentiment system is half the fun! I decided on a *matchbook* type system that would be small enough to fit into the File it with Flair box. To begin, you need to cut down your label sheet into the appropriate sized pages for your matchbook.


This diagram illustrates how you want to trim the left and right edges just a tad. Then cut the sheet into three long strips, right in between the columns. As a last step, cut each of the strips in half, leaving you with five labels per section (or page).

It is very important that once you have all the pages cut down, they are all oriented correctly with their tab at the bottom.

Let me interject that our mailing label sheets are ideal for this project because there is no writing or brand names all over the backing, like Avery and others. The backing will be seen by the recipient as they flip through the pages of the matchbook to find the sentiment they want. Our backing is plain white, making projects like this look more professional. And you can't beat our price either, 600 labels (20 sheets) for $6.

Scored sentiment pad

Making sure that the tabs are at the bottom, stamp a variety of sentiments from Mega Mixed Messages onto all of the labels. (I also added the small flourish from Mother to the side of each one). To create the matchbook style backing for this stack of sentiment pages, you want to cut a piece of cardstock to 4 x 7", then score 1/2" & 1" from the bottom.

Sentiment pad staples

You want to fold over the bottom edge of the cardstock along the score lines and insert the stack of sentiment pages, with the bottom tabs that I referred to earlier, at the bottom. This will ensure that the tab is getting attached to the matchbook and not any portion of the pretty labels you just stamped! Staple the cardstock backing and pages together, just like a matchbook.

Download Custom Cards Sentiment Portfolio Template

Next, you will want to download the template above and print it onto your cardstock of choice. Cut on the solid lines and score on the dotted lines to format the base for your Sentiment Portfolio.

Custom Cards Sentiment Portfolio

When folded up, the completed portfolio looks like this. You want to be sure to do all of the exterior embellishing before moving onto the inside. A couple strips of the new Friends 'Til the End paper are added to the two front flaps. 3/4" circles of kraft cardstock are attached with eyelets (reference the two small circles included on the template for placement). Twine is wrapped between the two discs, like an office envelope, to keep it shut.

Open sentiment portfolio

(be sure to click the above photo for a large view)

After the outside is complete, it's time for the inside! The sentiment *matchbook* that you created earlier, gets adhered to the inside left flap of the portfolio. A piece of cardstock cut to 4-1/8" x 2-1/2" is adhered on three sides to serve as a pocket, perfect for holding postage stamps or special envelope seals.

Complete vs blank card

All that's left after the completion of the portfolio is the blank cards themselves. I kept them really simple with just a block of patterned paper, some lines of stitching I created with my sewing machine and the blank strip for the sentiment label to be added later. You can use any card design you wish for this collection, or even a mixture of more than one, but it is VERY important that the blank *sentiment mat* measure exactly 1-1/8" x 2-3/4" so that the labels fit appropriately.

Custom Cards Collection

(be sure to click the above photo for a large view)

Here's the finished ensemble, with everything tucking neatly into the Filed with Flair box for presentation or storage! I found that you could easily fit 18 cards and envelopes along with the Sentiment Portfolio into the box. For projects like this, I like to use the pre-scored notecard and envelope set that we carry. You literally just need to create your card fronts and adhere them in place! So easy!

Download Custom Cards Collection Logos

Did you notice the special labels used on the box & inside the portfolio? I have formatted them into a printable pdf, in both black and brown, so you can use them when you make your version of today's project!

The Custom Cards Collection DEFINITELY counts as a Thrifty Gifting option!


Wow! Less than $10 for one memorable (and practical!) gift! I'm thinking teachers, friends, family.. even my mom is a good candidate since she is always asking me for more cards! I hope you enjoyed today's presentation and find it useful as you create gifts in the future!

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