Friday, March 13, 2009

Safety Plugs

This is a cute idea from Little Miss Crafty Pants:


Wood Cutout

Modge Podge


Glue Gun

Safety plugs

Antiquing/Distressing Ink

Scrapbooking Paper

Paint & Sponge Brush


You can buy pre-cut wood shapes or cut your own. Sand the wood until smooth. Paint the sides and the back of the wood (You may need a couple of layers of paint). In the meantime, trace the wood cutout onto scrapbooking paper. Cut out the shape on the scrapbooking paper. If your paint is completely dry, "paint" the modge podge on the front of the wood cut out. Quickly add the pre-cut scrapbooking paper. Once the modge podge is dry (make sure you smooth out any air bubbles). Add a few layers of modge podge on top of the scrapbooking paper. Let it dry completely. Sand any edges that you would like to give a distressed look to. Add the distressing ink around the edges of the sanded wood.

I found it easiest to plug the safety plug in first then add the wood because you can position the plug on the wood however you want. (you can decide if you want the safety plug up high, centered, or on the lower part of the wood.) Then with your hot glue gun, add the glue to the part of the safety plug that will be glued to the wood cutout. The add your wood cutout. Let it dry before removing from the outlet.

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