Friday, May 22, 2009

Princess Hat

Since I know I will be having a princess party at some point in my life, I figured I should document this Princess hat from Skip to my Lou:

I was able to snap a shot of my daughter wearing the Birthday Crown yesterday, but she was hoping for something more girly and pink. This was all the pink felt I had and I was wishing for some hot pink tulle but she thinks her cousin will like it anyway!


I cut the shape out of a sheet of felt, making it as big as possible. Then I ironed interfacing to one side of the felt.


I embellished the outside by sewing on some felt details.


I cut 4 strips of tulle about 4 inches wide in different lengths. The longest was about 36 inches. Fold the felt right sides together and place the tulle in the middle with the end sticking out of the top. Sew as close to the edge as possible. Be careful to only catch the end of the tulle in the seam.


princess-birthday-hat-4Sew a piece of elastic string to the inside at each side. Turn right side out and there you go!



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