Saturday, May 30, 2009

Teacher Gifts

Here are some teacher gift ideas from The Creative Homemaker:

Here is one of the teacher gifts I did this year...

This one was really simple- Just type a quick saying like, "There's no 'Sub'stitute for a teacher like you" and print it on cardstock, 2 per page so it will fold into cards. Grab a gift card from your favorite sub shop and stick it on with mini glue dots. Write a nice note of appreciation inside to make it even more special, and throw it in a celliphane tied with ribbon. Walla! A gift any teacher would love and appreciate! (Got the idea from SkiptoMyLou.)

If your life is as crazy as mine and you missed "Teacher Appreciation Week", don't worry! You still have a week or two to throw something special together for an End-of-the-Year thank you gift. Here's what I did last year. I got the idea from EverythingPink, via TipJunkie.

Here are some other ideas via TipJunkie.

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