Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Busy Bags

Great Idea by Make and Take:

Here’s another Guest Make and Taker with a great idea. Tamela and her kids are sharing their Busy Bags. With these Busy Bags ready to go, hopefully you won’t be hearing the words, “I’m bored”, coming out of their mouths.

Busy Bags are a great travel companion. They’re perfect to pull out when your kids have to wait at a restaurant, a doctor’s office, or in the car! They’re life savors and pretty inexpensive to make. Head to your local Dollar Tree or party section at Wal-Mart and pick out things your child would like.

Kids Busy Bags

We put a small book, a few crayons and note pad, a top, 2 small toys, a card matching game, and silly putty in our bags. Other things you could add is a mini bottle of bubbles, a small car, or anything else that would fit in your bag!

Thanks Tamela, for the great idea. I have most of these things, now I just need to put them all together in a fun zip-up bag. A child size fanny pack would work great too. I also think silly putty is a fun one to have in the bag. It’s fairly mess free and fun for kids to manipulate, keeping them “busy”.

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