Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Memory Quilt

This Memory quilt from Make and Take would be very fun. I even have some old blankets that my mom made us when we were little that are thread bare but I hate to just get rid of them b/c they have memories. But this would be one way to salvage them.

The 10×10 squares were quilted, stitched, ironed on, and fun printed fabric. Each square represents a memory, something about us, or something fun about my mom and dad. Here are just a few of them explained:

  • We used to own chickens
  • We love to play PIT
  • My mom makes the best chocolate chip pancakes
  • My mom plays piano and sang in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  • My dad loves to read Louis L’amour books
  • My dad has taken us all out fishing on his trolling boat
  • “Good Kid Money” my dad would give us
  • M&M’s my dad loves to give to the grandkids
  • A large squirrel caught in the house by Jared
  • Ice Cream is a big part of the Holt house, especially homemade
  • My dad used to pull our loose teeth out with pliers! Talk to my sister Steph about that one!





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