Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grocery Bag Organizer

Found this on Creatively Domestic:

Grocery Bag Organizer
I finally kicked the fever-induced fog and returned the house to a non-sick-emergency state. My husband has been a huge trooper through all my whining! So now back to blogging!!!

Since January is the kickoff month to getting organized, I thought I'd share my own take on organizing all those grocery bags that come into our homes. I bring my own reusable bags to the store, but once a month, I get groceries with the plastic bags for use in our home for garbage bags. To keep them all in one place and to add a little "color" to my life, I use clean empty disinfectant wipe containers and give them a make-over! Here are the bottles with the labels removed:

Then I wrapped them in scrapbook paper, (I may hate to scrapbook, but I love love love scrapbook paper!) and stuffed in the grocery bags:

The things I love about these:
  1. It gives my all sorts of the "Save the Earth" goosebumps! Reusing the bags and reusing the wipe container - double whammy!
  2. The bags are no longer stuffed into another plastic bag, then stuffed into the cabinet, then the pile always seems to grow until I open the cabinet and out fall 40 gagillion bags. Imagine: timber!
  3. I can take one of these containers, throw it in the car in the morning of one of our roadtrips (or any regular Saturday expedition) and we have lots of empty bags for whatever kid emergency pops up throughout our adventures.

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