Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Journaling Jars

I am making these with my Faith in God Girls. This is a cute one from Little Miss Crafty Pants:

What is a journaling jar you ask? A journal jar is a canning jar filled with strips of questions to help inspire ideas on what to write about in your journal. Simply put each idea on a strip of paper, pull one out and start reminiscing. Typically, you pull one out each day and record the question in your journal and then answer it in your own words.
These also make great gifts or its a good way to get you started journaling without getting overwhelmed. I feel it's almost like answering your own "tags" (in blogging terms).

Here are some poems that you attach with the jar with twine or raffia. I found these poems on Homemaking Cottage. They Read:

Poem #1

Preserve your memories,

Seal them up well.

What you forget,

You can never retell.

But a journal that's kept fresh on the shelf,

Will help someone through rough times

Maybe even yourself.

Poem #2

On the top it said "The story only you can tell"

attached by a ribbon that says


Writing it all at once is a lot to ask...

But bit by bit you can complete the task!

An example of directions:

This little jar celebrates something

very important - YOU!

All you need to do is take out

one slip of paper each week.

Glue the question at the top

of a blank page in your journal

and begin to tell all about it.

Just tell your story about YOU!

Here are a few journaling topics to help get you going!

Whom do you admire most?
Who reminds you of yourself?
Are you most like your mother or your father?
Whom do you idolize?
What makes you roll your eyes?
What do you wish you could take back?
What scares you?
What is the most vivid memory from your childhood?
When do you tell little white lies?
When are you the most satisfied with yourself?
When are your feelings of love for your significant other strongest?
Where do you keep your purse, bag or briefcase at night?
Where would you love to live?
Where do you go to cheer yourself up?
How much sleep do you need (and how much do you get)?
How have you changed over the past five years?
How would the world be different if you didn’t exist?
Why do you want to turn back the clock (or push it forward)?
Why are you a night (or morning) person?
Name three things you want to be remembered for.
Give three reasons ___ (fill in the blank) is your favorite holiday.
Name five foods you crave.
Describe the sound of your mother’s voice.
Give three reasons you’ve never ___ (fill in the blank).
List five sounds that make you cringe.

Links of Journal Questions or prompts:
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