Monday, February 9, 2009

More Meal Planning Tips

Little Miss Crafty Pants has this to say about Grocery Lists:
I found a free website that helps with the grocery list. It is called Grocery Wiz and you can find it HERE. It also has coupons that you can print out that might apply to what you are buying. I also use a print out similar to THIS to write down my menu.

Mique at 30 days gives these sites and suggestions:

At For church I am in charge of planning activities for the women and next week we are having a menu planning, couponing & food storage activity at my house.
I've been into menu planning & couponing in the past but not food storage (though I am vowing to change). Anyway- it has been on my mind A LOT.
So- I'm posting here some of my favorite sites/blogs/resources. Who couldn't use some ideas on how to pinch pennies these days? If nothing else, save your pennies so you can buy more stuff to craft with (just a thought :).
Just great blogs in general:

Grace Violet's cash system fabric wallet

Couponing for Dummies from my personal blog
Coupon Binder from Thrifty & Chic Mom
Junie Moon's organizing coupon post
Tip Nut's making a coupon organizer post
Joann's market bag & coupon holder
Grocery shopping coupon worksheet from Coupon Council

Menu Planning:

Monthly menu planner from Rachel @ Apron Girls
Just Organize Yourself's menu planning tips
$5 dinners' monthly menu plan post
Living Locurto's Menu Planning post
OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday

Organized Home's free menu planning printouts

I heart food 4 thought's diy weekly menu board

And I made some printouts too.
Feel free to use them.
Right click and save them.
Then print how you wish.

Food Storage:
wow these are sooo great-
Everyday Food Storage
Food Storage Made Easy
the Fun Food Storage Network
My Food Storage Deals

After looking over this post I realize it's probably a bit overwhelming. Just start small but go for it!!
I'd love to hear other suggestions/tips/tutorials that are out there. Please share. ;)

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