Monday, February 9, 2009

Photo Stickers

Tara would LOVE stickers with her photo on them! Check this idea out from Martha Stewart

Picture-Perfect Party Supplies

Why buy decorated paper cups, napkins, and goodie bags when you can turn heads with your own? With stickers featuring the smiling face of the birthday girl or boy, they'll have an adorably fitting design. You can use a basic word-processing program to format and duplicate your child's photo before printing it out onto sheets of round labels. Then put the stickers on plain supplies or anything you wish to spruce up, such as candy wrappers.

Stickers How-To
You'll need sheets of round labels and a printer. Scan a photo into your computer, or take one with a digital camera. You can use photo-editing software to isolate your child's face and resize it, if necessary, or just cut it out before scanning. Follow the instructions on the label box for creating a layout that will fit the sheet of stickers. Using your word-processing program, cut and paste the photo into the layout. Print out onto labels.

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