Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cute Kids Nativity

Nativity from Creative Holiday Gift Ideas:

Okay, one really fun item of business to start things off is that a fellow blogger found a site where you can print off the MAMBI clip art that was used to make the Nativity Blocks shared by Hilary last year. The clip art costs $5 to download and you can find it at pccrafter.com. The stickers have been discontinued but you can print the clip art on adhesive paper and viola you've got stickers. So, a big huge thanks to Sanders Family (sorry I don't know your first name) for this awesome find!

Here is the original post submitted by Hilary:

This is a fun idea for nieces, nephews and even your own kids. I saw this on a message board and asked the girl if I could share.

Paint blocks with a few coats of paint. Then apply the stickers. Ink or sand the edges to distress. Then put a coat of Mod Podge on them to seal in the stickers. Let dry.

This particular set of stickers is by Me & My Big Ideas (MAMBI). They are no longer made, so if you like this set you just have to hope a craft or scrapbook store still carries this line. I've done extensive searches online and they are hard to find! However, there are other brands of Nativity stickers. You could probably even find cute nativity clipart.

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