Monday, February 9, 2009

Craft Room ideas

One day when I have time & MONEY & a Craft room!

here's a collection of amazing
work spaces/craft rooms posted on 30 days:

1. indie vintage craft room, 2. North East Corner, Ribbon Rack, Tools, Desk, 3. My awesome work/storage unit from IKEA, 4. New studio redo, 5. reorganized, 6. ribbon rack, 7. Pink Cabinet - Drawers, 8. our family art corner, 9. sewingcleanup1, 10. My sewing room, 11. banner swap 1, 12. The rest of the fabric stash after re-org.
P.s. If you don't have a space for a craft room or office,
no worries, there are lots of ideas out there
to work with what ya got.
And a little paint can work magic.
Check out this link from Domino for the
perfect paint choice.

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