Monday, February 9, 2009

Party Time

Cute idea for a party from Denise at the baker family. I miss Ikea!

I was at IKEA last Saturday and I saw this clock for $2.99. I picked up a few because I wanted to try using them as plate chargers. I didn't have a particular party in mind so the plan was to just store them away until I came up with an excuse to use them.

Last Sunday I noticed in our church bulletin that one of my friends had a birthday coming up and I instantly knew I had my excuse to use the clocks - I just had to figure out how to incorporate them into a theme. I ended up with "TIME to celebrate" You could really use the clock/time theme for time, it's about time, free time, time after time (thank you very much Cyndi Lauper)

So today I had 7 friends over for a birthday brunch. Here is the finished table. Please excuse the bad pictures. These were taken sometime after midnight - the lights horrible and I was too tired to deal with settings.

The original clocks were clear plastic which I thought was rather boring so I grabbed some spray paint and spiffed them up.
Instead of making a birthday cake or bringing out cupcakes at the end of the meal I incorporated them into the centerpiece - cheap and easy.
I picked up a few watches at Forever 21 on sale for $6 and hung them from colorful block pictures holders that I also found at IKEA for $2
This was a simple party to put together that didn't demand a ton of time on my part or a lot of money.
It was nice to have an excuse to plan a small get together but it was even nicer to have an excuse to get together with friends to laugh and to talk.

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